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Website Development – The Complicated Art of Making Things Easy Online

Websites are the online representation of a physical store. These are specifically considered as the address one has to consult while searching for the same on the digital realm. Just like how physical stores need architecture, websites need website development.
Website development can be regarded as the core job one has to do in order to make that website up and running. Websites contain almost all the information about a given brand or a company that wants an identity online.

Website development has a lot of facets to it when it comes to the small technicalities. Highly skilled individuals are made into a team who then work on creating, running and servicing these particular packages of information. On a rather broad scale, there are two segregations of these individuals.

Web Developers and their importance

A web developer is the prime architect of any given website. The web developers take care of all parameters and end up creating these wonderful places of destination. The web developers usually work on formulating the working logic of the websites.
The procedure usually starts with gathering information to and from various databases. These pieces of information form the building blocks of any given website. After this, the web developers figure out the logic that is necessary for the website to function.

And finally, the web developers set off actions according to the activities. Users get to see these actions once they browse through the given website. There are three vital development tools that a web developer would usually use:

  • Integrated Development Environment
  • A Programming Language
  • Database

An IDE or Integrated Development Environment can be regarded as the playground where a web developer would execute their skills. It provides a foundation for these developers to build web applications.
A programming language is a specific language which just forms a coded syntax that is needed by the system to understand the requirements. And finally, the database is a storage house of all of the data that needs to be linked throughout the website.
A website is created successfully with the implementation of these three components in a meaningful manner.

Web Designers and their Significance

Web Designers are the beauty decorators of any website. Overall, Web Developers can still take the cake of a gruesome job in comparison. However, their set of skills also requires a considerable share of experience and thought process.
Web Designers take care of how a website looks to the outside world. Viewers who see the gloriousness have web designers to thank. If not for their aesthetically pleasing ideas, any website would look bland as anything.

If not for Web Designers, the website would lack the glamour to attract viewers on a time to time basis. They have to handle everything related to the appeal of any given website. Just like web developers, web designers also use these three major components:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Photoshop

HTML or Hypertext Markup Language is one of the oldest scripting languages that is used for designing websites. Albeit it is not the same as it was the day it was released, designers still love using the same.
CSS or Cascading Style Sheets is another scripting language that gives the dynamic feel to a website. It certainly helps in gaining the eye-candy points for any given website. And finally, one cannot escape without using Photoshop, the Almighty.
Photoshop is nothing but an image editing software provided by Adobe, one of the biggest brands in the world. Web Designers make use of Photoshop in order to give the final touch to any image that is about to go on a website.
Without the use of image editing tools, the graphical section of a website would look completely incomplete and would repel visitors as much as it can.

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