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Web App Development – Struggle Behind the Soothing Convenience

The main aim of technology is to make everything convenient for the users concerned with it. Otherwise, there is no real meaning behind working on a new concept every other time. The biggest comparison right now is between website and web app development.
Website App Development is considered to be the next big step when it comes to making users feel comfortable in their tracks. There are substantial differences when it comes to website development and website app development.
But, in a rather simple way, the variations in a website and a web app will be able to explain the key features behind both. Web app development is a leading sector right now with massive brands jumping on the bandwagon to provide extra services to their users.

Websites and their Development

There are considerable differences when it comes to web applications as well as websites. Taking Websites first up, websites are pretty much an online representation of a physical store. The presence of a website means an online ubiquity.
There are different types of websites out there on the internet. People take help of these websites accordingly to cash in on things that they are willing to. In order to get those websites running, website development is carried out in the background.

Simply based on the functionality, there are 5 specific types of websites out there. Those are:

  • Brochure
  • eCommerce
  • Portal
  • Wiki
  • Social Media

Brochure Websites can be regarded as the websites which are pretty much a representation of a live business card. Small businesses would need a brochure website where they will be expressing their presence on the digital realm without needing to do a lot.
eCommerce websites are one of the most extreme examples of a website. Whatever online shopping of a product or a service is being performed throughout the world, would require an eCommerce website to list all the possible products, information and the reviews on each one.
Portal websites are the ones where it is just a plethora of information and details on a specific topic or avenue. People access these portal websites in order to educate themselves or simply just to clear their doubts. Portals can be private or public as well.
Wiki type websites got their name from none other than the behemoth Wikipedia itself. The concept of Wikipedia is that people can collaborate and share knowledge with the public on any possible topic. These websites help out as pieces of reference as well.
Finally, Social Media is something we are familiar with. The most basic form of interaction and content sharing, social media works just like how communities used to work yesteryears. The difference is that there can be more than one level of subgrouping with social media, narrowing it down to personal interests.

Web App Development in a Nutshell

Now, there are different types of web apps as well. In order to facilitate those, strenuous web application development is carried out. Web application development is not that different when it comes to website development.
The various types of web apps in the mix right now are as follows:

  • Static Web Application
  • Dynamic Web Application
  • eCommerce Web Application
  • Portal Web Application
  • Animated Web Application
  • Web App with Content Management System

You can see that there are not a lot of distinctions when it comes to the types of websites and web apps. The working is pretty much similar as well. It is just that the web apps will be able to offer a bit more than their website counterparts.

The formidable change that is visible is that of static as well as a dynamic web application. There are multiple benefits behind having a web app instead of a website. Those are as follows:

  • Cost Effective in Comparison to Website Development
  • Easily Accessible
  • Effortlessly Customizable
  • Compatibility on all Devices
  • Simple to install and troubleshoot etc.

Having such a massive list of positives would certainly push anyone to go ahead with web application development. However, it comes down to the exact requirement that one has with their brand or organization.

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