Software Development

Software Development and the Craft of Building an Empire on the Digital Realm

Software development is an artistic way of creating a program that can perform the desired task with ease and clarity. Every application, Game, and Program on your phone or PC is nothing but software.

It requires a series of complex tasks to mold itself into a finished product. We need to thank the software developers, maybe without them, these super fancy software applications still remains a dream for us.

The process includes thinking of an innovative idea, Rough planning, implementing that idea, Reviewing, Testing, Bug fixing, etc.


Nowadays, every organization needs the help of software. There are many reasons.

The software works on logic. The process it undergoes remains the same. We need to put the input then the software process the information and give the desired result. In most cases the results are error-free. The same cannot be said for the traditional method, however.

The software reduces the human effort so that they can engage in varieties of tasks in a limited period of time. This is profitable for the organization.

Software ultimately reduces the requirement of manpower in the organization which is cost-effective for the organization. So futuristic companies are preferring quality software on a priority basis.


SDLC (Software Development Life Process) is a process used by the developer groups to design, develop and test software. It consists of 6 stages namely:

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Planning is the most fundamental thing in SDLC. Here, experts analyze the requirements of the project with the inputs from the Customers, Developers, Subject matter expert, Sales department. The Economical, Technical and Critical aspects get discussed here.

Defining The Requirements:

In this phase, the developers, Stakeholders, and consumers discuss the requirements of the software. They do consider various prospectives like Who is the consumer? What is the work of end-users? What kind of data they will put? Etc.


Here experts usually consider more than one approach for the product architecture and these are documented in the Design Document Specification(DDS). DDS reviews all the product architecture based on the risk factor, budget, time constraints, etc. and finally selects the best one.


This took the highest share of time among all. After finalizing the design in the last step, here the development stage of the product starts. Programmers use different coding languages like C, C++, JAVA, etc. to implement the design architecture. If the design architecture is properly followed in a detailed and organized manner then the code generation will be a lot easy.


The main purpose of this step is to ensure the product is giving desirable output or not. If it isn’t satisfying the customers need then the defect is reported, tracked, fixed and tested again; until the optimal standard is achieved.

Deployment AND Maintenance:

After the testing, usually, the product has been released to a segment of the audience called Test Audience for the Beta testing. The Bugs occurred in the program have reported and resolved immediately. So the final audience gets a smooth and fine experience.


Our generation is completely dependent on technology. Whether it is a computer or mobile; these all are a mixture of Software and Hardware. The more people will use these devices the demand will increase further.

Now to fulfill that demand more students are taking an interest in software developing. The academic syllabus has changed a lot in the last couple of decades and giving huge scope for Computer Science and Information Technology students.

The more people will show interest in this field, will encourage more innovation. And that ultimately will be progress for the field.

Cities like Bangalore & Shanghai often termed as Silicon Valley of their respective countries are exploring due to high-tech software development . So the developing countries have a huge scope in terms of Software development due to the cheap labor cost as compared to the developed ones.

This industry is a service-based industry. So one can start an organization with a minimum amount of investment, which will create a good number of jobs for the public.

This sector has a lot of potentials as nowadays most of the underdeveloped countries are adopting various tech gadgets. They need more supply in the future so we can safely assume the best is yet to come.


The ultimate goal of software development is to make human life easier. It is the work of a developer to make the software easy to use and human-friendly. Optimizing hardware to the software is the key to success.
That is the reason why Apple products are more capable than their counterparts. This is an emerging sector and capable to change our lifestyle. The rapidly growing technology also demanding fast changes in the software, maybe Sky is the limit.

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