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Key Differences Between Cloud Based and Web Based ERP System

ERPs or Enterprise Resource Planning system makes the business operations integrated into planning and resource allocation all into one place.This not only helps in the streamlining of all operations but also ends up in making the business more responsive towards the needs and likeness of the consumers.

Differences between Cloud Based and Web Based ERP System

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Over these years, cloud-based ERP has become more popular because of several advantages that it has over web-based ERP system, but both of them are preferred mostly by business owners based on their requirements, budget, and scope. Here’s a rundown of what exactly is a cloud-based and web-based ERP system:

Cloud-Based ERP System:

Cloud-Based ERP System

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A full suite solution containing all the required ERP modules available at pay per usage charges for both the hardware and softwares used for the same by the business. Similar to leasing the hardware and software units from the vendor to attain the ERP benefits. In case of Cloud-based ERP, the licensing model is subscription based and doesn’t ownership rights to anyone for its utilisation. The database and the software system is installed at the vendor’s server that can be accessed from remote desktop connection through computers, mobiles or tablets.

Web-Based ERP System:

Web-Based ERP System

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A web-based ERP system provides access to the modules without any requirement of any hardware or software at the user’s end. It is integrated within a web browser that can be accessed by username and password provided by the service provider, because of which the location of the database isn’t relevant that can be located anywhere – either at the company’s office or at the vendor’s. It requires no installation if any application or software on the local system and can be accessed by any client by just following the link, almost like a web-page itself.

Key Differences:


Cloud-Based ERP

Web-Based ERP

Location of the Hardware/Software

At the Vendor’s

In-House or at the Vendor’s


Pay-per-usage or monthly

One-Time-Payment for usage for a period of time



Depends on the modules you require

Apt For

Small, medium and large-scale industries

SME’s (Small and Medium Enterprises)


Minor changes




Depends on the application chosen

WayIndia provides ERP services both on web and cloud according to the requirement of your business, built specially for manufacturing units. It also has a ready-to-use, simple-SaaS-based model that can help you keep track throughout the entire business years.


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