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The Products provided by M/s Wayindia Software Solution Pvt.Ltd.includes no open sources software origination and is purely designed, coded and developed by the skilled programmers of the said company and is purely for sale. No source code is to be provided during sale to any of the party as mentioned in agreement during working phase or work completion phase and is only to distribute the binary/executable form of the said software. As the codes are the proprietary assets of the company, if any of the personal related to the company is involved in distribution or sale of the source code without written terms from the company will be subjected to be punishment under law and even will be charged a high amount, involved in development of the codes. The complete corresponding machine readable copy of the source code will be delivered to you in accordance with the referred terms and agreement for a charge covering the cost performing such acts which also includes cost of media, shipping and handling by sending written request to:
For M/s Wayindia Software Solution Pvt.Ltd., INDIA,

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Special features

  • Multi Branch
  • User level access
  • Inventory Manager
  • Branch Admin
  • Sales Manager / Executive
  • Purchase Manager
  • Production Manager