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Why Being A Web Design Company in Bhubaneswar Means a Million Opportunities

Wayindia is one of the most sought-after software companies that deliver unique website design Bhubaneswar to leading brands. Today we decode why this industry is growing more and more challenging and exciting at the same time.

For a responsive web design company to flourish in Bhubaneswar, there are several challenges that crop up every day afresh. It’s no longer about creating something that is pretty but to strike the right chords with the right engagement of the organization with their target audience. While it isn’t as easy as it seems, there are innumerous possibilities that come with such challenges. Some of those challenges include accessibility, compatibility, navigability, readability, and usability. Well, if these words are too long for you let us break it down one by one here:

1. Accessibility:

While the web has become relevant in our everyday lives, the very first challenge is creating the most accessible website. Now, accessibility may mean differently for different people, but when you make your website accessible, it means it needs to be super easily accessible for all of them equally for all information – which itself is pretty difficult on its own.


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It gets further tough when the initial meeting with the client went smoothly, but they were unable to provide any helpful guideline. While “I need a wow factor” or “My website needs to stand out” doesn’t really work in the real time, the best way to go about it to avoid any confusion further in the work process is by curating a questionnaire for the client. But now you’d ask, every client has a different set of requirements, then how can the generic questionnaire be helpful?

Well, we have the answer you need. While you can provide examples of websites that are similar to the design they need, or on the contrary you can ask them to share with you examples of websites that you need to avoid. In this way, you would have an outline on what exactly the client is looking for and thus saving you work time in making assumptions and working and then reworking on the same thing.

2. Compatibility


This is one of the most neglected aspects of any website – referred to as ‘browser compatibility’. Webmasters are required to plan out an effective browser testing schedule and it needs to be carried out on different browsers, operating systems and track resolutions among others. Also, along with the compatibility, you’d need to clearly mention the expenses involved in the same. Most of the times the client himself lacks clarity and it is later known that they have low or no budget. Going transparent about the same can save a lot of your time and effort. Therefore, we recommend starting with a range, like ‘May I know which budget range sounds reasonable for you, USD 3000 — 4000, USD 4000 — 5000 or USD 5000 — 6000?’ Making the bottom line as the lowest price and rephrasing the questions, the clients would feel more comfortable to answer and get the budget at the same time!

3. Navigability:

While people easily navigate through a website the chances of them staying on the website is higher. So the navigational structure needs to be effective and deliver high usability as well. While the site visitors should be able to find out the information easily, it should be programmed to orientate users on your website easily.


If you’re a web design company in Bhubaneswar, every client wants to get their website redesigned to the coolest and the latest trends of the current year. But it is extremely important to know the goals of your client before you start redesigning as there would be different results and end products according to the set goals by the clients. From SEO, conversions, UX and several other factors, the last thing you want to hear from your clients is there’s a major decrease in the traffic for their newly redesigned website.

4. Readability:

While the fourth most important issue in website creation is developing the correct readability. It enhances the ease of reading as well as focus on these three essential aspects like typeface, layout or design and color. This makes your overall website look and feels impressive. It has been found that Arial, Verdana and Times are some of the most preferred font styles for websites. While many people think that going against the trend in terms of font style makes them stand out in the crowd, but on the contrary, it works counter-productive as visitors aren’t used to reading content in unusual font styles rendering a huge bounce rate. Creating a content layout where users can skim through the content is advisable.


While the content layout is something that as a web designer you need to provide to your clients, but what if your client has no idea of website designing? For example: As a designer yourself, you know that Comic Sans isn’t a font style that you can follow for website designing but your client insists on using the same. In this case, it is essential to educate your clients and back up your reasons and options with enough source. The next important thing is to keep calm while you’re doing the same as it would take time for them to grasp all that knowledge. If still, your client insists, it’s better to finish the project quickly and move on.


At the end of the day, while it entirely depends on what your clients require from you – it is also essential to know that any good web design company Bhubaneswar should possess is great communication skills that get reflected on how you discuss things with the clients and nurture a long-lasting relationship. Of course, there would be trying times when it would get difficult to get your clients pleased but it itself proves to be a learning process overall. Good luck!

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