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Top 3 Technology Trends To Watch Out For in 2019

Every year there are technologies trends that are path-breaking in their specializing industry. They not only accelerate and transform many fundamentals of working industries but also pave the path for future and would be present on the horizon of business owners and investors alike. Disruptive technology often propels the future while the technology innovation leaders evolve and change the trends as they come. Today, at Wayindia Software Company in Bhubaneswar, we’re decoding some of the most powerful trends in the industry:

While there are many trends that can prove to be really useful in 2019 – like 5G where the autonomous vehicles, drones, IoT, Supercomputers, there are others which are fairly new and promising itself!

5G technology can also enhance the processing speeds by several times – around 10x in 2019. While this technology can make the same possible – there are several remote surgeries in rural areas. Artificial Intelligence surgery might also sound futuristic to many, but robot surgeons by AI bring new innovations and accuracy to the operating room.

  1. The combination of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovations would always continue to bring several scientific breakthrough and thanks to the huge amounts of data these new technologies have been collecting is also now available. In 2019, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence would be embedded in the business platform, thus enabling and creating smart business operations.

While the advances in Machine Learning technology and algorithm would result in the development of a new and more advanced AI and therefore, autonomous vehicles and robotics are the two industries that would see the most rapid developments during 2019. The convergence of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning would open new possibilities in terms of business applications and eventually result in the transformation of AI into a greater accuracy.

2. Quantum Computing:

A technology that is slowly emerging as one of the most fascinating fields of study and research, there seems to be a race to build the first fully-functional quantum computer as well as supercomputer is on. While it is one of the most impressive computational power, quantum computers would also be like a cloud service in the near future than just machines. Currently, IBM is already offering cloud-based quantum computing services. The first quantum computer shall also have several advantages over others as the competence of achieving supercomputer supremacy would intensify in 2019.

3. Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR & VR)

With various advancements in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality which can be summarized in R+ that would continue to be at the front of attention in 2019 with fascinating new practical applications for industries. R+, which was once only found in video gaming now proves to be a useful tool in engineering design, manufacturing, healthcare, space exploration, etc. In 2019, Virtual Reality is opening up an innovative industrial application that would change the people work and collaborate across the world.

2019 is believed to witness many major breakthroughs in terms of technology and the process of it has already begun. Stay tuned for all the updates, only at Wayindia, the #1 web development company in Bhubaneswar.

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