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5 Ways How AI Can Empower Any Website Development Company in Bhubaneswar

Artificial Intelligence is undeniably one of the most promising technologies that can contribute to innumerable fields – and one of the most looked upon industry is the web development space.

As the vast majority of web developers have been creating stunning websites through the help of simple power tools. But with the implementation of AI, it can completely change the working and execution of the same in the web development.

Here are some of the ways in which AI can take the center stage in the web development company in Bhubaneswar:


  1. Design Automation:


Though this is one of the most direct ways of AI in web development and could be found in the platforms that can automate the early design process based on the preferences set by several users. Yes, there are many platforms that have been offering customizable themes based on website type for years. There are several AI-based implementations, however, are capable of perfect every single aspect of the design – right from the arrangement of site sections to the color schemes.

Apart from the customizable themes,  AI can be used in Bookmarking to automate web design:

– Bookmark:

Using AI to speed up the early design process by having the user to answer several questions. This is also known as the program of Artificial Intelligence Design Assistant.


  1. AI Integration into SaaS product:

A SaaS business can integrate AI-powered features into your website to do with the personalization and many services like the e-Commerce and CRM platforms to ask several questions and registration to curate your website experiences.

The various tools used in web development, the account creation process could mean like a simplistic customization feature. Though it can significantly accelerate the web development process by showing you the platform’s most relevant features. There are also many cloud-based services that assimilate user data and recognize several patterns to constantly improve the user experience.


  1. Using AI to Raise your Content and Traffic Channels:

Here are two things you need to handle when it comes to your content: development and promotion. While the fronts can be enhanced with AI, especially to choose to go beyond traditional blog posts and spicing up your website content.

If you’re looking for creating a YouTube channel building an online course and to promote the same you’re looking for ads. And that’s exactly where AI can enhance the ad targeting efforts through various display networks like Google AdSense. Though another emerging trend involves several standalone content development platforms that can utilize the Natural Language Processing or Natural Language Generation.


  1. Convert Hand-Drawn Sketches to Code:

There are several platforms that have now empowered non-programmers to formulate professional looking websites right from scratch – without even writing a single code.

WordPress is one of the Content Management System that has allowed several users to build sites using several visual editors, a customizable theme and a set of plugins. But though it may seem effortless, AI-enabled solutions can make the process a blow.

While tools like Sketch2Code the hand-drawn sketch of the web design mockup and the AI would write the HTML code for you, which even the absolute beginners can leverage. As the code itself can be downloaded, Sketch2Code would help save a significant amount of time in the website development. From Blog Storage and Function, Sketch2Code can be the ultimate handler for your platforms’ backend.


  1. Utilizing Machine Learning for Cyber Security:

Although cybersecurity doesn’t have to be in the web developer’s skillset is an excellent factor that would make them stand out. Of course, it is the owner’s prerogative to choose the cybersecurity tools to keep the website safe from hackers, but if you’re making your own website you can ensure the blend of a web application firewall, antivirus, and SSL certification. Though there are several platforms that can match the adaptive nature of the online threats, generally Machine Learning can go a long way to detect anomalies in your website and online applications. This, when combined with up-to-date threat intelligence feeds, can protect the site from threats.


As AI technology progresses each year, there is more and more disruption observed in major industries. Web design is one of the fields that can be changed by self-learning and self-experimenting programs. Although they may not replace human developers, it is clear that AI has a great potential in lowering web developments’ entry barrier.

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